‘America 2.0’ or ‘America – a reprieve to prepare’?

26 Jan

‘America 2.0’ or ‘America – a reprieve to prepare’?
It has been said by pundits and radio hosts that we are literally seeing ‘America 2.0 – the rebuilding and renewing of the Republic’; that we are seeing, if you will, a rebirthing of the nation as it was and was meant to be, as envisioned by our founders. Perhaps these hosts and hostesses are correct. Perhaps we are seeing a turnaround in this nation that many have hoped for and prayed for these past several years. Perhaps there ARE better days on the horizon, as we strain to perceive in the dim light of this new dawn, the possibility of a return to conservative Biblical values, the ‘reigning in’ of government overreach, transferring ‘the power’ and giving it back to the people, an opportunity to truly extend respect and dignity as we properly care for those that have fallen through the cracks – the poor, the widows, the orphans, the voice-less, the face-less, our veterans and their families – and allowing the God of The Bible to once again have His rightful place in our society, our government, and our daily lives.

Or perhaps, what we are seeing play out before our eyes, is ‘America – your reprieve to prepare . . .’ There are those who ‘prophesied’ Donald Trump would NOT be elected, that he would never occupy the White House. There are those who declared ‘thus saith The Lord, Hillary Clinton would be the next president rather than Trump’, and yes, even those that declared Obama to be the last president of the United States. Well, here we are, and none of those prophecies have come to pass. But in the midst of all the ‘prophecies’ and ‘declarations’ and ‘visions’ and ‘dreams’, there was one ‘Word’ that we kept hearing time and again – ‘God is going to allow a reprieve’. ‘God is giving a reprieve.’ ‘America will receive a reprieve.’ Well what is a ‘reprieve’, and IF we are going to receive a ‘reprieve’, from ‘what’ or better yet, from ‘whom’ will we be reprieved?

Well, here are some thoughts on the matter . . . According to Mr. Webster and some of the older dictionary sources, ‘reprieve’ is ‘to delay the punishment of; to give relief or deliverance to for a time.’ Some of the newer versions do add the word ‘cancellation’. So what punishment is to be delayed, or from what or from ‘who’ are we to receive relief or deliverance, for at least a time? Well, many will say ‘we received a reprieve’ when Hillary was defeated in the presidential election. Some will say the restoration of our relationship with the nation of Israel brings relief and deliverance from judgment and punishment, at least for a time. And some will say that Mr. Trump will set things straight and get us back on the right track. And we do not necessarily disagree with any of those statements.

But here is a thought to ponder. The phrase ‘for a time . . .to give relief or deliverance to, for a time’ . . . God said He would punish the nations that come against His people and divide His Land, the Land of Israel. That fact is established in The Word and will come to pass; not ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ is the correct question, for this punishment is set in stone. The Word also tells us God will not forgive, but rather will punish and render judgment for the shedding of innocent blood, an act of disobedience and rebellion that has been endorsed and enforced by our government through state-sanctioned abortions since the passing of Roe vs Wade in the 70’s. God will NOT excuse this sin. And perhaps the final straw? The mixing and confusing of the genders. Not only has this nation’s government endorsed and enforced the acceptance of homosexuality and all of it’s offshoots as ‘normal and natural’, but now our leadership has embraced ‘gender fluidity’; the concept that you are not the sex of your birth, but rather, the sex with which you identify . . . and that ‘sexual identity’ is subject to change from day to day and moment to moment. So now ‘Bruce’ is ‘Caitlyn’ and ‘Bradley is now ‘Chelsea’ and ‘evil’ is ‘good ‘and ‘good’ is intolerable and ‘true tolerance’ is acceptance of all that man (and woman) can image in their heart.

America has virtually become two distinct groups of people. And not just spiritually and religiously, but even on a secular level of basic morality, America has become a ‘mingled garment’ if you will, a mixing of that which should NOT be mingled. It is being torn and we are experiencing a rending of the fabric of this nation, the fabric of who we should be versus what, in many ways, we have become.

God sets before us blessing and cursing, good and evil, light and darkness, life and death . . . Choose Life.

So is there a reprieve? Yes . . . but only ‘for a time’ . . . and this ‘window of opportunity’ will only be open for a short time. ‘For the heart of man is wicked’ and the sin of the amorite is almost full. So work while it is day.

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One response to “‘America 2.0’ or ‘America – a reprieve to prepare’?


    January 27, 2017 at 10:28 am

    You said it VERY well! This needs to be a sobering time to set priorities and not get distracted.It is disheartening to be surrounded by those who are just oblivious and just don’t see it.Shalom. Sent using Hushma


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